Teen driver education course.

Every day teens die in car accidents and most are because of their bad actions behind the wheel, for this reason at DSH our purpose is to teach in an efficient, responsible and safe the great task of driving on a day to day basis.

Benefits of taking the course with DSH:

  • TDLR 100% approved
  • Outstanding trained, kind, and patient teachers who will teach face to face vs online program management techniques.
  • With only the first 6 hours of class the student will be able to obtain the driving license.
    Note: Requirements for obtaining driving license:
    • The entire course is paid
    • Student obtained the VOE from the school
    • Student passes the rules and signs test (knowledge test)

Registration requirements:

  • VOE
  • Parents or tutors must be present at the time of registration
  • Paying at least $150 USD ($10 USD extra when paying the minimnum amount)
  • Any type of photo identification (students and parents (guardians)

How this course works

How the program works

Are you a transfer student?

For students who only need to complete the driving hours:
  • 7 hours of driving behind the wheel.
  • 7 hours of observation.
Whether the student completed 32 hours online or in a traditional school and for some reason not been able to finish the 14 hours in the vehicle DSH welcomes and agrees to complete these classes as soon as possible.
  • Have completed the 32 hours of online driving education or traditional school.
  • The previous school or the student must transfer the DE-964 certificate before starting the classes in the car.
  • Texas driver learners permit.
14 Hrs behind the wheel

What you will learn in this course

  • Traffic laws
  • Driver preparation
  • Vehicle movements
  • Risk reduction and management
  • Distractions
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Adverse conditions
  • Crash prevention strategies
Teen Drivers Ed
Teen Drivers Ed + Road Test