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Do you need to take Texas Defensive Driving for a traffic citation, insurance discount or work requirement? Don’t stress: Complete our six hour, TDLR approved defensive driving course, it's easy, fun, and convenient!

Driving School of Houston

Driving School of Houston offers a Defensive Driving Course that will give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be a smarter and safer driver.

About this course

Defensive driving courses are state approved classes designed to improve driver safety knowledge and also why it is important to follow Texas state traffic laws.

Defensive Driving courses will teach you safe driving techniques, update you on local driving laws, and help prevent you from getting into an accident or receiving a driving violation.

Defensive driving benefits every driver on the road. It makes our streets and highways safer with drivers who are more aware and understanding of defensive driving techniques that can prevent accidents

Defensive driving courses are especially useful for many drivers, including:

New drivers

Drivers desiring ticket dismissal

Drivers with a poor driving record

Drivers that need to reduce license points

Drivers that need to reduce auto insurance rates

Defensive Driving

6hrs defensive driving course


$ 45.00

Looking to reduce Insurance?

Did you know that by voluntarily taking a defensive driving course, you can save money on your auto insurance? Many insurance companies offer this incentive to drivers who take the initiative to improve their driving skills. By taking your Texas defensive driving course with Driving School of Houston.

Here is how to...

  • Contact your auto insurance provider to discuss the availability of defensive driving discounts.
  • Take our defensive driving course.
  • Complete and pass the test.